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Active Autowerke Pulley Kit BMW

Brand: Active Autowerke | Category: Pulleys

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More Information Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
Click For More Info 2001 - 2006 M3 ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL E46 Chassis
Click For More Info 2008 - 2013 M3 ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL E90/E92/E93 Chassis
Click For More Info 2006 - 2010 M5 ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL E60 Chassis
Click For More Info 2006 - 2010 M6 ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL E63 Chassis

Product Description

Next in the Signature Line of upgrades for you E9X M3 (DCT & Manual Transmission) is the Active Autowerke Signature Pulley Kit. This is a complete bolt on kit engineered using Aircraft Grade Billet 6061 Hard Coat Anodized Aluminum. After months of R&D in house and overseas (various climates & conditions) we concluded that there may be a slight power increase by going smaller than our pulley but the trade off is a chance of making the engine run hotter or possibly overheat (we noticed this in both DCT cars and Manual cars on and off the track), we choose reliability over that extra 1-2 rwhp that we may get from a smaller pulley. Testing in Miami, FL and in other hot climates was a must in our R&D process to take things to the “extreme limits”.

Another key element in the development of the Signature Pulley Kit was to retain the “Factory Crank hex Drive Adapter”, this was important to keep this factory feature for its inherent purpose. The pulley kit does not modify factory harmonics or dampening. Stronger side walls were the last key element in choosing our size over a smaller design.

The Active Autowerke E9X Signature Pulley Kit yields gains of 12+HP on a completely stock car. This is a complete bolt on system (easily reversible) that has a stealth look (factory color not dealer noticeable), a must for the true enthusiast.

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