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COMP Cams Distributor Gear

Brand: COMP Cams | Category: Valvetrain

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Product Description

Composite Distributor Gears
Manufactured from carbon ultra-poly, these represent the future of distributor gears. They are available for Small & Big Block Chevrolets with .500” or .491” distributor shafts, Small Block Ford and Chrysler R5 applications. These gears have undergone stringent testing in various applications with positive results and show great promise in solving the wear issues associated with bronze gears in racing applications with 300% increased durability.

*Composite gears are not recommended for use with high column or high pressure oil pumps.

Bronze Distributor Gears
One of the first requirements when installing a steel roller cam is the addition of a bronze distributor gear. A stock cast iron gear is not compatible with a steel camshaft. COMP Cams® gears are machined from AMPCO-45 extruded aluminum bronze with 5% nickel added. These gears feature a high-strength tooth design that resists wear even when used with high-pressure oil pumps. These extra tough gears are the answer when higher mechanical properties are demanded.

Melonized Distributor Gears
For your hydraulic or solid roller iron gear camshafts, it is recommended that you use a melonized distributor gear. These gears have undergone a “salt bath” nitriding process that gives them an extremely hard and slick surface to prevent excessive friction and wear, as well as rust accumulation. Used for factory engines, melonized steel distributor gears are harder than the standard iron or bronze gears.

Oldsmobile Cast Iron Distributor Gear
Made for use with flat tappet cams, cast iron distributor gears are developed in a manner which solidifies the outer layer, while leaving the core molten iron. Since cast iron contains 2% carbon, these gears work well with cam gears made from the same material. The COMP Cams® Oldsmobile Cast Iron Distributor Gear is also nitrided for wear protection and longevity.

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