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DEI Fire Wrap 3000 UNIVERSAL

Brand: DEI | Category: Engine Dress Up / Accessories
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010477B Fire Wrap 3000
Custom Lengths
Special Order Only
Size 0.625in ID
010478B Fire Wrap 3000
Custom Lengths
Special Order Only
Size 1in ID
010479B Fire Wrap 3000
Custom Lengths
Special Order Only
Size 1.5in ID
010477 Fire Wrap 3000
Size 0.625in ID x 24in
010478 Fire Wrap 3000
Size 1in ID x 24in
010479 Fire Wrap 3000
Size 1.5in ID x 24in

Product Description

Constructed from a glass fiber sleeve, DEI Fire Wrap 3000 features a heavily coated outer sleeve with a proprietary compound consisting of iron oxide silicone rubber.

Using high temperature glass fiber thread, DEI Fire Wrap 3000 is flame resistant with a hook-and-loop Velcro edge closure design that is sewn internally for a simple and easy installation.

DEI Fire Wrap 3000 withstands repeated exposures up to 3000°F (1650°C) and 500°F (260°C) of direct continuous heat providing an excellent insulation barrier as well as protection against burns while working around engine bays.

Insulate and protect wires, cables, hoses, fuel lines, electrical protection, use as wire looms, wire/hose/cable bundling, protect air lines, pnuematic hoses and much more.


  • Hook-and-loop Velcro® edge for easy install
  • Withstands harsh abrasions, hot oil spills & more
  • Water & oil resistant
  • Protect against hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils & most chemicals
  • Durable & flexible for tight bends
  • Available in 5/8”, 1” & 1-1/2” ID sizes
  • Special order custom-cut lengths available

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