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Moroso Crank Trigger Kit

Brand: Moroso | Category: Pulleys

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Product Description

Crank Trigger Ultra Series Kit.

  • Crank Trigger Kit is based on the popular, flying magnet-style kits
  • Shortened adjuster arm for better fitment with two-piece oil pans and containment devices
  • Black anodixed finish for long-lasting good looks
  • Moroso has designed the trigger wheel mounting holes to “phase-in” the wheel, to allow a more centered sensor location. No more having the sensor run out of adjustment before the engine is even started!
  • The sensor mount billet block is designed as a flush mount for clearance so it will not stick out the back and run into the oil pan
  • Crank trigger sensor comes with a common plug style to easily hook to any popular ignition box with no modifications
  • Kit mounts to passenger-side of block only and has two sensor locations for non-motorplate applications
  • Optional Moroso Part #60025 Adjuster Kit allows the Crank Trigger Ultra Series Kit to be even more user-friendly

Crank Trigger Ultra Series Adjuster Kit.

  • Crank Trigger Adjuster Kit includes a hex adjuster that allows the user to advance or retard the trigger sensor for precision adjustment of the sensor timing without the worry of tightening the adjuster until the engine is shut off
  • Light, compact design will work with diapers and chassis restraints

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