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Part #: 89562
Notes: Pro Series Tire Pressure Gauge
10psi increments w/ minor increments at 0.5psi
Your Price: $202.49


Range 0-60psi

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Part Number Price Notes & Specs
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61820 $41.45 Notes Engine Cleaning Brushes
Set of 12 Brushes
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80700 $29.53 Notes Axle Tie-Down Loop
Size 24"
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Short clamping range
Size 2'4" to 5'7"
80750 $65.16 Notes Race Car Tie-Down
Long clamping range
Size 4' to 7'7"
89550 $55.96 Notes Tire Pressure Gauge
Dial type
Range 0-15psi
89552 $202.49 Notes Pro Series Tire Pressure Gauge
3psi increments w/ minor increments at 0.1psi
Range 0-15psi
89555 $54.67 Notes Radial Tire Pressure Gauge
Dial type
Range 0-40psi
89560 $55.96 Notes Tire Pressure Gauge
Dial type
Range 0-60psi
89570 $55.96 Notes Tire Pressure Gauge
Dial type
Range 0-100psi
89590 $7.37 Notes Tire Pressure Gauge Cover
89600 $168.48 Notes Cylinder Leakage Tester
Standard Version
89602 $38.27 Notes Adapter Leak Tester
OHC, 7.43" long
89650 $13.21 Notes Power-Speed Calculator
99400 $10.55 Notes Engine Storage Bag

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Product Description

Moroso Speciality Tools provide everything you need, for every type of job. Safety Wire, Wire Strippers and Tire Gauges are just the beginning.

From the Pits to the Shop – Moroso Specialty Tools have what you never knew you needed, but couldn’t live without.

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