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Tomei Oversize Oil Pan

Brand: Tomei | Category: Oil Pans

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Product Description

Tomei Oversize Oil Pan

In drifting, circuit racing or drag racing, the higher G forces of both vertical and horizontal will cause bad oil circulation due to the oil pickup not having adequate access to oil during cornering forces. This can cause engine failure if the lack of oil is a constant problem. Tomei has developed an oversized oil pan for the SR20 and used it on our own N2 series Silvia race car in the past. Race proven with an extra 600cc increased capacity while not affecting the distance to the ground. With the added internal swing baffle plates will help with improved oil circulation.

Compared to the SR20, oil delivery of RB26 must be done much more carefully because of its structure. However, RB26’s oil pans are also used as front differential case and it has a complex shape. Since it is hard to make bolt-on kit, we offer a trade-in modification service. In the modification, while its total capacity is enlarged, height of oil pan is set equal to keep the pan from hitting the ground and getting damaged. It is highly recommended to use this with RB26 oversize oil pump.

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