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Turbonetics Gaskets UNIVERSAL

Brand: Turbonetics | Category: Gaskets


10790 T3 Turbo Gasket Kit
10791 T4 Turbo Undivided Gasket Kit
10792 T4 Turbo Divided Gasket Kit
10793 T4 Turbo On-Center Gasket Kit
10794 Y2K/Thumper Turbos Gasket Kit
10796 T3/T4 CHRA Gasket Kit
20142 Evolution / Deltagate Fire-Ring
20143 Pressure Plenum Flange Gasket
Size 2in
20217 Pressure Plenum Flange Gasket
Size 2-1/2in
20236 T3 Compressor Housing Gasket
30141 T3/T4 Oil Drain Gasket
30142 T4 Turbine On-Center Discharge Gasket
30142S T4 On-Center Dischage Gasket
Stainless Steel
30143 T4 Turbine Inlet Gasket
Stainless Steel
30143-DIV T4 Divided Turbine Inlet Gasket
30238 T3/T4 Oil Inlet Gasket
30263 T3 Turbine Inlet Gasket
Stainless Steel
30263-DIV T3 Divided Turbine Inlet Gasket

Product Description

Turbonetics offers Gaskets for any project you are undertaking. Replace old tired gaskets or upgraed before you install. Offered Gaskets from Turbonetics include:

  • Turbine Inlet
  • Turbo Discharge
  • Oil Discharge
  • BOV Discharge
  • Wastegate ‘Fire-Rings’
  • Complete Turbo Kits

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